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Tom interviews his niece and both of them insult each other; then everything goes out of control...


The second favorite episode to Animate. Geeky's twirl was difficult. Keeping Geeky's proportions was difficult but so much fun. I hope all of like it as well


Still, one of my favorite Color Me Geeky Animations is in this episode. Still, one of the top Color Me Geeky Episodes it's ever had. Check it out. I Animated the Background like in 3D Animations. Characters like Roundman and Commander Lazy's Grunts fight together and Geeky fights back. One of my favorite episodes and still one of my hardest to Animate. But so much fun. Check it out here.

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The coffee cup

Dr.ForgetO shows Eggcyst his coffee cup


Hat Hunter

Where did the hat go?


Scary Fox

Bartholomew's Halloween

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